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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Data?

Open Data reflects a commitment to open, accountable and transparent government. Open Data is a practice that makes data/information freely available to everyone to use and republish. For more information visit Open Government Licence - City of Regina.

What is the purpose of the Open Data Website?

Technology makes it possible to share information with the public more efficiently and effectively. It provides"self-serve" access to City data/information for download or viewing in a variety of formats. This allows the public to do simple data analysis, mapping, chart creation and application development.

How do I contact the Open Data team?

You can contact the Open Data team by email on the Contact Us page.

If I notice a problem with a dataset what should I do?

Please verify you have the appropriate program to open the data set. If you encounter a problem, please report it through Contact Us. Include the name of the data set and a description of the problem.

What formats are the datasets available in?

Visit the Glossary page for more information on the various formats.

Why can't I read some datasets?

City datasets are machine-readable. Sometimes special programs are required to view the data/information. See the Glossary page for more details.

Who can use City data/information and how can it be used?

The public is welcome to use published City datasets. Please refer to the Terms of Use and Open Government Licence - City of Regina before using this website.

Can I have an application showcased if I develop it using City datasets?

The City would like to showcase applications created by developers using our datasets. If you use City data to build an application, click on Contact Us and your app may be highlighted on our Showcases page.

Can I submit ideas for datasets?

The City of Regina encourages your feedback. If you would like to see a dataset that is not published on the Open Data website, please visit the Suggest a Dataset page.

Is all City of Regina data/information published?

Information is published subject to confidentiality, privacy laws and legal constraints.

What is the liability of the City of Regina respecting data use?

Refer to the Liability Disclaimer located in the Terms of Use.

How frequently is the data updated?

Datasets are refreshed on a regular basis. Information routinely released will be updated as the information becomes available.

How long will the information/data be available on the Open Data website?

Public information is available for a minimum of two years after it has been published.