Cell Towers FOI #2024-018

This is an access to information request for the following: Request for records: 1. If the City of Regina is one of the agencies who receives and stores public comments, I would appreciate copies of the public input about the proposed cell tower installations for both SaskTel (historical) and Rogers (current). 2. Copy of the City of Regina extension granted to Rogers in 2023 also known as a Letter of Consent. 3. Copy of the lease agreement between the City and Rogers. Request for answers to questions: 4. When the public consultation was conducted for the SaskTel and Rogers cell towers at this site, who has access to and stores the public feedback received? What happens when those consulted are not in favour of the installation? 5. It seems the lease between the City of Regina and Rogers comes up for renewal every 5 years. Can either party decide to not renew? What are the terms and conditions for not renewing? 6. For this site, public consultation was conducted for property owners within 105 m from the tower installation. Much of the space around the tower is publicly owned by the City of Regina. Therefore, maybe 5 private property owners/ Lakeview residents were directly consulted? A single public notice in a newspaper or online is often missed. How meaningful really is this consultation process? Questions like these are going to be raised more and more.

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